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Who Are We

EduHacks is a team of professionals who have come together with one purpose – to help you Hack Education! 

EduHacks instructors come from all around the world from nations such as the US, Germany and of course, Trinidad and Tobago. We have taken a decentralized approach to education, allowing us to rapidly deliver the best learning solutions to our community.

The world of knowledge is undergoing tremendous change and growth but we are still using traditional approaches to learning. It is the first time in history, that the average child has access to more information on their smartphone than what is available in a traditional four year degree. Additionally, we are seeing new young leaders in their early twenties leading the next digital revolution.

All of this point to one thing – IT IS TIME TO HACK THE SYSTEM! Let us help you move faster, go further and press beyond your horizon.

Vision Statement

To change the way we learn through innovation, technology, creativity and collaboration.

The EduHacks Council

EduHacks operates by a unique decentralized management approach. The EduHacks Council is responsible for course selection, learning objectives and instructor evaluation through a unique voting process. The EduHacks Council consists of global representatives from the education industry, contributors, community members and instructors.

The EduHacks Council is hosted and sponsored by The International Business Training Association for the period  January 2018 to December 2018.