Frequently Asked Questions

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Where is EduHacksTT Located?

We are located at the Invaders Bay Tower, Port-of-Spain

Where are your classrooms in South?

Our South Classroom is located in the Southern Academy of the Performing Arts (SAPA)

What courses are available in 2018?

CBP Customer Service, BlockChain Foundations, Build Your Website in 2 Days and Social Media Marketing.

Who runs EduHacksTT?

EduHacksTT is part of a global education initiative that uses a decentralized model to learning. EduHacksTT is run by the EduHacks Council.

Who represents the EduHacks Council for the Caribbean?

IBTA Vice President Mr. Dario Morell
Instructor: Mr. Kiel Joseph
Community Leader: Mrs. Natalie Sutherland Lashley
Regional Marketing: Ms. Chrisal Martin

Why a decentralize approach to learning?

This allows us to bring to you the best courses, best curriculum and the best instructors from around the world.

How are you able to keep your courses so affordable?

EduHacksTT is part of a global initiative and is sponsored annually by global partners.

Can anyone attend an EduHacksTT class?

EduHacksTT classes are open to everyone.

Can I hack my education?

Definitely! We are here to help.